Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Madison and Logan

Madison continues to have a happy personality. She loves to play and hang around people. Her hair is finally starting to grow in that I can put bows in her head.

We went to St. George a couple weeks ago to the fair. Madison is showing off her new shoes that we bought for it.

I love this picture!
Madison and Logan at great grandma lang's house in St.Geroge. Logan was still in his pjs.
Logan is growing so fast that he is growing out of his clothes. I have to keep trying on different clothes to see what fits him. I love his smile in this picture.

August 2010

In the middle of July, Madison and Logan got a new cousin named Levi. Logan and Levi are a month apart. Last week we went to visit Levi and his brothers Conner and Evan.

Logan and Levi look about the same size. Levi was almost ten pounds when he was born.

He is holding his head up really well.
Here are by cute kids after a day of church. Madison just got her new Dora toys and she insisted that they be in the picture.

What a cute little man. He is 13 lbs 4 oz and 231/2 inches tall. He is growing up so fast. He loves to smile, coo, and laugh out loud.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life as a busy mom!

Well we made it a month. It has gone by really fast. I am adjusting to life with two kids that are 19 months apart. I am trying to get organized and survive. I have a schedule of things that need to get done each day and I am very happy if I can ge them done. Logan contiues to do well. He is growing so fast. He is eating and sleeping well. We are usually up between one to two times a night. Madison is adjusting to the best that she can. She tries to be really soft, but sometimes it is just a lot more fun to hit or pinch him. She usually likes to attack him when she thinks no one is watching. I love my two little kids so much. I am so glad that I have them.