Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Logan's first time eating a scone. He had it with powder sugar and he loved it.
Life is a party according to this little man!

Logan enjoying a cookie
Madison and Piper in their matching swim suits. We didn't know that Piper had the same one.

We went back to the cabin for Memorial Day weekend. It was quite the adventure as always. It was a lot of fun. There was some random weather while we were there. (sun, rain, snow, wind) We had a blast as always. The one day that it was actually kind of warm we decided to go kayaking. It was a lot of fun.

Friday, May 6, 2011

This kid loves to climb

Most kids climb out of the car using the door. No, my kids climb out the window.
Rob made this horse for the kids. They both like to climb it.

How can you get mad at this face!!

Logan has learned to climb things thanks to his big sister Madison. He climbs up and down the stairs. Now, most babies do that by crawling up and down the stairs. Not Logan. He likes to hold on to the railing and walk down them. (Lovely) He likes to climb slides, tables, rocks, and anything else that Madison does.