Monday, December 20, 2010

December activities

The month of December was filled with lots of fun activities. Many nights we just drove around looking at all of the "pretties." ( This is what Madison calls the lights. I think she got that from me because I would say everything is pretty). We went to one house that was decked out in many different types of decorations. There was a train ride you could go on. Many different little houses to look in. The man that has the house plays the part of Santa very well. He has a full on white beard. Rob remembers going to this house when he was little.

I tried to get some pictures of cute little Logan all dressed up.

We went with our friends Tom and Jodi to an event that has everyone dressed like medevil times. Madison did not like this Santa at all. We went on a carriage ride, looked at a petting zoo, and Madison rode on a horse.

We went to Bass Pro Shop with some friends to get free pictures with Santa. Madison did okay with this Santa. I have those pictures but I don't know how to use my scanner. Sorry!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Madison turns 2

This is a picture of Madison with her cousin Abi. They both share a birthday in November. We had a big family birthday/Thanksgiving party.

Madison turned 2 on Thanksgiving day. We celebrated with some friends up in Cedar City. We stayed at a friend's cabin for the weekend. It was lots of fun. We had Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. We did a little bit of black friday shopping, and tried to go see the movie Tangled but it was all sold out. On Sunday there was big snow storm. Madison and her freind Piper got to play in the snow a little bit during the weekend.
For Madison's birthday we had homemade pizza for dinner. Then celebrated with cupcakes and ice cream. Madison got a new play tent, a new dress, finger puppets, and lots of dress up clothes. It was a good day.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Madison: Almost 2

I can't believe that Madison will be two on Thanksgiving Day. This time as really gone by fast. It is amazing to see how much she has grown and what she has accomplished.
She is a great sister most of the time. Lets just say that she learned how to say the word eyes and where they were located because she seems to be fasinated with Logan's eyes as she pokes at them daily. She hears a lot of " Don't touch his eyes!" She loves to give him his binky if he is crying and she collects toys for him so that he can play with them.
She defintely hit the "terrible twos" very early. We have been trying different ways to help with that.
She is talking so much better now. She loves to sing songs and dance. If we let her live outside she would be a happy camper. She is a great jumper and it is amazing to watch her at the park. Boy can this girl sure climb.
We love having Madison in our family.
She was Pebbles for Halloween

This is chocolate pudding!
My friend Laura's kids Brynn and Blake

I love her smile!!

Logan: The Slobbering Stud

I thought that this title was pretty appropriate because it fits him really well. Logan is always slobbering everywhere. I have started to put bibs on him because his shirts are too soaked and it is starting to get cold here. (sort of) He does it a lot more than Madison ever did. I don't know if he is teething or if that is just him. I thought he looked like a stud in these pictures as well.

Look are the string of slob on this picture!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grandpa Giles

While we were on our vacation in Utah we were able to spend some time with Grandpa Giles. This is the last time that we would see him. He passed away the next Sunday, on 10-10-10 in his sleep. We will miss you Grandpa. Thanks so much for all that you have done!!

Going to Utah!!

During Conference weekend we were able to take a much needed vacation up to Utah. My parents, brother and sister in law were also going to be in town. My cousin Terra was getting married. I didn't get any pictures of her wedding. On Wednesday the 29th of September we drove up to Cedar City. We had to leave late because Rob had work. I thought it would be easier if we broke up the trip. We went to stay at Annie's house in Cedar for the night. It was a long night. Our plan was to leave right after Logan woke up and ate which would be around 4-5. Madison was starting to get a cold so she didn't want to lay down so she spent the night in our bed with us kicking all around.
We left about 5:30 the next morning and went to Orem. We went to visit everyone. They were staying at my Aunt Lisa's house. We spend the day there playing and having a good time. Then we drove to Sandy to stay with Rob's aunt. The next morning we went to the Hogle Zoo. Madison could have cared less abou the animals. She want to play at the park that they had there.
Don't we look thrilled to be there?

We could not get any good pictures with her. She was really on one that day!
On Saturday and Sunday spent time with family. We went to lunch with grandpa giles, and part of Uncle Brad's family. That night the men went to the priesthood session of conference while the women went shopping. Sunday we relaxed and watched conference. Monday we headed home. Logan was excited to be home. He did really good though. He would have slept almost the whole way home if his sister could have been a little bit more quieter.

Swimming at Sand Hollow

Back in September we went to a place called Sand Hollow. It is in St. George. We went with our friends Adam, Rachel, and Piper VanOrman. It was a lot of fun. Madison and Piper had fun playing in the sand. Adam had them dig a hole in the sand and let water fill it up. Then when they got cold he told them it was thier hot tub. I stayed on the shore with Logan while everyone else went kayaking. They had a lot of fun. I did eventually go too. The water was warm, and we had a lot fun.

Best Buddies
Madison in the hot tub!