Saturday, November 6, 2010

Going to Utah!!

During Conference weekend we were able to take a much needed vacation up to Utah. My parents, brother and sister in law were also going to be in town. My cousin Terra was getting married. I didn't get any pictures of her wedding. On Wednesday the 29th of September we drove up to Cedar City. We had to leave late because Rob had work. I thought it would be easier if we broke up the trip. We went to stay at Annie's house in Cedar for the night. It was a long night. Our plan was to leave right after Logan woke up and ate which would be around 4-5. Madison was starting to get a cold so she didn't want to lay down so she spent the night in our bed with us kicking all around.
We left about 5:30 the next morning and went to Orem. We went to visit everyone. They were staying at my Aunt Lisa's house. We spend the day there playing and having a good time. Then we drove to Sandy to stay with Rob's aunt. The next morning we went to the Hogle Zoo. Madison could have cared less abou the animals. She want to play at the park that they had there.
Don't we look thrilled to be there?

We could not get any good pictures with her. She was really on one that day!
On Saturday and Sunday spent time with family. We went to lunch with grandpa giles, and part of Uncle Brad's family. That night the men went to the priesthood session of conference while the women went shopping. Sunday we relaxed and watched conference. Monday we headed home. Logan was excited to be home. He did really good though. He would have slept almost the whole way home if his sister could have been a little bit more quieter.

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  1. It was so good to see you again!! Can't wait for Christmas!!!