Sunday, November 7, 2010

Madison: Almost 2

I can't believe that Madison will be two on Thanksgiving Day. This time as really gone by fast. It is amazing to see how much she has grown and what she has accomplished.
She is a great sister most of the time. Lets just say that she learned how to say the word eyes and where they were located because she seems to be fasinated with Logan's eyes as she pokes at them daily. She hears a lot of " Don't touch his eyes!" She loves to give him his binky if he is crying and she collects toys for him so that he can play with them.
She defintely hit the "terrible twos" very early. We have been trying different ways to help with that.
She is talking so much better now. She loves to sing songs and dance. If we let her live outside she would be a happy camper. She is a great jumper and it is amazing to watch her at the park. Boy can this girl sure climb.
We love having Madison in our family.
She was Pebbles for Halloween

This is chocolate pudding!
My friend Laura's kids Brynn and Blake

I love her smile!!

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