Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry Christmas 2010

Yes, I know my pictures are from the last to the first part of our christmas, but I am not really sure how to fix it, so you will just have to suffer through it.

This was the last day that GG and G-pa were here at our house. We went to the Bellagio that night, and then we wanted to take some pictures of the kids with their grandma and grandpa.

We went to San Diego right after Christmas. We used to live there so it was fun to go to our old stopping grounds. We got to go visit the house that I grew up in, and the school that I went to.
Here we are at La Jolla. It was cold and wet that day, but Madison enjoyed looking at the water. This was the first time Logan had seen the beach. We saw some sea otter while we were there.

The kids enjoying the hotel!
Madison had a great time at Sea World. This is her playing in this big mat area. We got mostly videos of her at Sea World. She enjoyed seeing the big animals and loved the shows. I think her favorite part was the huge playground area. We played there for about 3+ hours and she never got bored. There were rides to go, and a big jungle net thing above the ground that she loved.
Madison got to go on the carousel at Sea Port Village.
Logan on Christmas morning. He was just starting to get a cold then. I had a long Christmas Eve night with him. He was still happy though.
Logan posing with my brother Briant and Madison's Minnie Mouse.
Madison with Logan's Mickey Mouse
My brother Briant and his wife Melissa joined us for Christmas.
Christmas morning before the chaos. Rob and his dad Ron made Madison a rocking horse.

We had a very good Christmas. We also enjoyed talking to my brother Spencer who is on a mission in Salt Lake City. It was good to hear his voice, and he is doing really well.


  1. That first picture is the best picture of Madison and Logan that any of us got in that setting!! Great job!

  2. Cute Tiffany! The kids are getting so big!