Monday, December 20, 2010

December activities

The month of December was filled with lots of fun activities. Many nights we just drove around looking at all of the "pretties." ( This is what Madison calls the lights. I think she got that from me because I would say everything is pretty). We went to one house that was decked out in many different types of decorations. There was a train ride you could go on. Many different little houses to look in. The man that has the house plays the part of Santa very well. He has a full on white beard. Rob remembers going to this house when he was little.

I tried to get some pictures of cute little Logan all dressed up.

We went with our friends Tom and Jodi to an event that has everyone dressed like medevil times. Madison did not like this Santa at all. We went on a carriage ride, looked at a petting zoo, and Madison rode on a horse.

We went to Bass Pro Shop with some friends to get free pictures with Santa. Madison did okay with this Santa. I have those pictures but I don't know how to use my scanner. Sorry!

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