Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Madison turns 2

This is a picture of Madison with her cousin Abi. They both share a birthday in November. We had a big family birthday/Thanksgiving party.

Madison turned 2 on Thanksgiving day. We celebrated with some friends up in Cedar City. We stayed at a friend's cabin for the weekend. It was lots of fun. We had Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. We did a little bit of black friday shopping, and tried to go see the movie Tangled but it was all sold out. On Sunday there was big snow storm. Madison and her freind Piper got to play in the snow a little bit during the weekend.
For Madison's birthday we had homemade pizza for dinner. Then celebrated with cupcakes and ice cream. Madison got a new play tent, a new dress, finger puppets, and lots of dress up clothes. It was a good day.

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