Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday March 27 we went to an event called the Great Las Vegas Egg Drop. It was at a park right by our house. It was a free event so we decided to go. Rob bought Madison a basket that has a butterfly on it and she was ready to go. It was really windy that day but it didn't stop people from coming. There was a huge turn out. This was the first time they held this event and they said that they were not expecting this many poeple. It was still fun though.

Madison is checking out her egg after she went and collected some. She only got about 3 eggs. Someone stole one of them as well.

They divided the fields into age groups. Then they laid all of these eggs down. Then right before it started they had a helicopter fly over the field and drop more eggs. They said they had about 3,000 eggs over the three fields. The funny thing is that the eggs did not have any candy in them. You had to go to a tent to receive the candy. We just decided to go home. It was a fun day though. They also had bounce houses, food, and music. Madison was dancing to all of the music. This girl really knows how to party.

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