Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Looking back

Since it is almost time for our little boy to come, I thought I would look back and get back into little baby mode. We are really excited for our little man to come. He is due to arrive July 8.
This is Madison playing in the snow up in Mt. Charleston. Rob and I stayed in a cabin up there for our wedding night, and thought we would go again.

This was taken on Memorial day in 2009. We had been camping up in Utah. We stopped to see Rob's grandparents. While we were there his cousin and her family were out swimming, so we thought we would send our beach babe in the water as well.
This picture makes me so happy. We both had just got home from work and we were playing with Madison. She usually was like this all of the time.

This picture makes me both happy and sad. I hated that Madison had to spend time in the hospital. I know she was getting great care, but it was still hard. I am glad that she was doing so well, and didn't have to stay too long. The big board is for all of her IV's. At least the nurses made her "home" a pretty place while she was there.

I still can't believe she was so little. This is the day that she came home from the hospital. As you can see she liked her pacifier even back then.

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