Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What happened in April?

April came with a lot of wind. We had warm days and then we had cold days again. The weather just couldn't seem to make up its mind. It was a good month, and we stayed busy. We got the pool and hot tub running, so that is really exciting. Madison is loving the water, and cries everytime it is time to get out.
Madison is hanging with her cousins Evan and Conner after a full night of swimming.

Picture of our slide. We sent Madison down a couple of times. She is still not too sure of it.

Hanging with family in the hot tub.

Madison took a short break from her swimming so she could eat a hotdog, and then it was back to the action.

Madison and Rob the first time we heated our hot tub. Madison loves the water. We need to get her into swimming lessons soon.
Madison woke up early one morning and I knew that she was still tired. We came and laid down on the couch and this is what happened. She was teething at the time and not feeling too well.

Rob found this spider on the driveway one night. He said it really scared him at first. That thing is huge!! He took it to work and let it g0.
Aunt Lisa (aka Grandma Lisa) Vanessa, and Melia came down from Orem Utah to spend the week with us. It was a lot of fun. Madison had a ball with them, and loved all of the loves that she got from them.

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